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Yusuf was born and raised in Egypt and first stepped foot into wildlife photography back in 2018. He was instantly in love with wildlife animals and behaviours since he was just a child. He was taking pictures and travelling inside Egypt. Wildlife reserves, but his true passion was always to experience the unique savanna in Kenya. He made one of the biggest steps of his life when he made the trip to Kenya to pursue his dreams in June 2023. After completing her nature and wildlife courses, it was evident that his new-found knowledge complemented her passion for nature, and this is where Yusuf's journey truly began. His experience learning about the bush and the animals behaviours sparked the fire growing in his heart, and he was quickly fascinated by photographing and documenting the wonders of the unique sights of the animals.
His mission with his story is to bring a little piece of Africa into your home. He believes in the necessity of conservation through education and raising awareness, and he believes his work can bring you that understanding. By capturing a variety of animals, he hopes to convey a feeling inside every picture of wildlife to the viewer and to highlight the importance of each and every single role these individuals play. 


Life is a journey; live it passionately and with a spirit of adventure. Follow Yusuf on his journey through his social platforms to see his most recent work.